Luna Design and Innovation selected as a Channel Partner for Blue Origin

By Luna · July 23, 2019 · Press Release

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Luna is opening opportunities for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to advance R&D using microgravity environments


TORONTO, ONTARIO — Luna Design and Innovation Inc., a Toronto-based biotechnology company, announced that it has been selected as an Official Channel Partner for Blue Origin’s New Shepard reusable suborbital rocket system. Luna is Blue Origin’s first payload sales partner for New Shepard in Canada.


Luna is opening opportunities for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to leverage New Shepard’s system by enabling researchers and scientists to advance their work in microgravity environments. Space presents unique conditions for engaging in gravitational biology, microgravity physics, and technology demonstrations, and is becoming increasingly affordable to access. Suborbital vehicles are an opportune test bed for research and technology destined for orbital space, including the International Space Station.


“We are excited to open space to world-class biotech companies and support scientific discovery that advances health and humanity,” says Andrea Yip, CEO of Luna. “As the prospect of the everyday citizen living in space is getting closer to reality, we need to leverage biotechnology to ensure that people will not only survive but truly thrive in space. We want to see people leading full, healthy, and purposeful lives.”


Many observable phenomena in the physical and life sciences are altered by microgravity. Spaceflight stresses biological systems to respond with novel gene expression patterns. Studying complex fluid behaviour in space has also generated new insight into fluid phenomena masked by the effects of gravity, leading to the manufacture of high performance and advanced materials. Ultimately the discoveries and insights generated from space-based research have applications both in space and on Earth.



About Luna Design and Innovation Inc.

Luna Design and Innovation Inc. is a Toronto-based company that specializes in creating products that enable the advancement of biotechnology in space.


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